Welcome! Welcome, to The Hold of Avarice!

This is intended to be a very long campaign, set in an original world (Jormungand), is intended to run for a long time (possibly all the way up to level 40). It is currently still in a vague state of planning. However, I do plan on beginning the quest with my players some time next week. The basic plot is posted in this wiki and updated in the Adventure Log, but you probably already guessed as much, anyway.

I will post updates after each session and keep you guys informed. I’ll be spending most of my time, now, adding my player’s characters. Not all of them (if any) can join on this site so when it says that a character is controlled by me, that is not necessarily the case. Because of this I will specify the “player” in the crunch section of the profile.

First gaming session (hopefully): Monday March 30th, 2009

A Brief History

Across the endless expanse of the Astral Sea, over the raging currents of the Elemental Chaos, through the creeping darkness of the Shadowfell, and under the frail earth of the Material Planes there rages a battle of the Draconic Gods Bahamut and Tiamat. Their battles have crashed over the planes with resounding force every few millenia or so, but the final battle is neigh. Some eight to nine hundred years ago, Bahamut’s forces managed to corner Tiamat in one of her own temples on the Material world known as Jormungand, and forced her into a battle for her life. It is said that the battle raged and shook the planes for nearly 20 years. In the end, Bahamut’s servants forced Tiamat to her knees but they, under the orders of their gracious and forgiving master, did not permanently destroy. Instead, they forced her into dormancy for several hundred years.

Her imprisonment lasted for 500 years. However, once released from her long slumber, nobody knows where she fled or what she has been up to since. However as the The Great Chromatic Wyrms and Legendary Dragons of lore became aware of the freedom of their mistress they began a massive search for her, tearing through and destroying all that stood in their way. However, the Great Wyrms, and the Legendary Dragons were all, without the rule of Tiamat, largely seperative and uncooperative with one another. The 8 Dragon Kings, lords and servants to her mighty power, had yet to even make a move upon her awakening. It is believed that they set themselves to rest when Tiamat was put in dormancy, and simply had not yet awoken, but the truth is that they simply will not act without the approval of their master, or, more realistically, without the security of her power to further assert their actions.

Bahamut’s forces, desperate to find Tiamat and keep in check her dark musings and awful power, have begun to wage war across all planes, challenging the unorganized chromatic dragons, and treacherous metallic dragons in service to Tiamat. Within less than a century, supporters of the Platinum One took hold of all the material realms, Elemental Planes and Astral Sea and, still with determination and efficiency, were quickly wresting control of the Shadowfell from their foes. It appeared that, with the disorder of their untamed evil, The Platinum Dragon’s success and victory were assured over the chromatics.

Almost as soon as the thought aroused faith and courage within the hearts of those who opposed evil, the chromatics began to move within the Elemental Chaos and the Shadowfell. With Tiamat still in hiding, and completely unaccounted for, it was unclear how this massive power move on the behalf of the Chromatics could occur. Tiamat or no, dragons and their forces throughout the universe are in a deadlock.

Bahamut, until now, has left this fight solely up to his direct supporters. However he, in his immense wisdom, has come to realize that the tipping point of the final battle may lie in the hands of mere mortals, as incredible as it sounds. It would seem, though, that fate has already decided where the final battle will be waged. The only Material Plane untouched by the true power and influence of either deity: Jormungand, a world nearly overrun with dragons that would kneel in worship before either.

That’s about all I have, in general, concerning the basic plot and setting. Will post more as I complete more and more of the designing.

The Hold of Avarice